EU-Canada and EU-US ICT collaboration

The Transatlantic ICT Forum is a unique platform to benefit policy debate and provide expert opinions and recommendations to transatlantic dialogues for EU-Canada and EU-US ICT R&I cooperation. TIF has been created by DISCOVERY, an H2020 project to support dialogues and ICT R&I cooperation between EU-Canada and EU-US.

Under the umbrella of the TIF, three working groups on key thematic areas in EU-Canada and EU-US ICT three thematic topics. The Forum brings high-level expertise and insights on subject matters. Currently, over 50 experts from Europe, the US and Canada are members of the Transatlantic ICT Forum, providing advice in the production of Input Papers and Policy Briefs for transatlantic collaboration in ICT R&I.

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ICT Discovery Lab
Co-creative and interactive methods to bring together industry, research and academia to boost EU-Canada and EU-US ICT R&I collaborations.
Capacity Building Workshop
Capacity Building Workshops
Interactive event to attract world-class researchers in EU-Canada and EU-US ICT R&I collaborative projects
Transatlantic ICT Forum
Transatlantic ICT Forum
Mechanism to promote policy debate and provide consultations for ICT cooperation
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