Permanent Dialogue Platform

to Support Transatlantic ICT Cooperation

About Transatlantic ICT Forum

The Transatlantic ICT Forum is designed as a mechanism to promote policy debate and provide opinions and recommendations for cooperation between Europe and North America and to become a permanent platform for EU-North America cooperation in ICT.

Under the umbrella of the Transatlantic ICT Forum, three Working Groups have been created to work on these specific issues; funding mechanisms, ICT policy and regulations, and cybersecurity. The Transatlantic ICT Forum will gather relevant experts from North America and Europe.

The ICT Forum will deliver Input Papers, Policy Briefs and Country Briefs with recommendations to enhance evolving dialogues in ICT, and thus contribute to reinforce the political and technological framework for dialogues on the potential of ICT for R&I cooperation between Europe and North America.

Working Groups

Funding mechanisms

will identify the main programs and financing mechanism existing in the US and Canada, as well as in EU (apart from Horizon 2020) to support international cooperation in ICT research and innovation.

The Funding Mechanisms WG will produce an Input Paper to be considered in the Transatlantic ICT Forum, including a review of available funding mechanisms and opportunities, as well as sound recommendations for mutual opening of programmes in the ICT field.


ICT policy and regulations

will specifically identify both areas of common interest intersection as well as points of concern as pertain to tri-party EU, Canada and US policies such as for regulatory frameworks, IPR, market regulations, data protection, secrecy requirements and standards. The Input Paper will formulate recommendations to the Transatlantic ICT Forum and thereby to the political dialogue on regulations.



will be the main instrument for DISCOVERY to ensure high quality debate and engagement in relation to international collaboration in this vitally important topic. The cybersecurity WG will deliver an input paper detailing the mutually beneficial priority topics for cooperation between the EU, US and Canada in the areas related to cybersecurity.