EU-Canada and EU-US ICT collaboration

The Transatlantic ICT Forum has been firmly established as a well-regarded platform to benefit policy debate and provide expert opinions and recommendations related to transatlantic dialogues for EU-US ICT R&I cooperation between Europe and North America. Through workshops and engagement activities with the WGs core members, DISCOVERY has expanded its expertise base and brought to fruition the objectives of the project. Feedback and opinions from members of the Working Groups have been incorporated into the Input Papers on important issues arising from and relevant to ICT policy.

Currently, 60 experts from EU, US and Canada have joined the Forum. Core members of the Working Groups are expected to provide timely strategic advice on appropriate occasions and their high-level expertise and insights on subject matters related to transatlantic collaboration in ICT research and innovation. Members are expected to take part in virtual online discussions twice a year with the first anticipated for Q2 2018 and in the actual TIF 2018 depending upon availability.

ICT Discovery Lab
Co-creative and interactive methods to bring together industry, research and academia to boost EU-Canada and EU-US ICT R&I collaborations.
Capacity Building Workshops
Interactive event to attract world-class researchers in EU-Canada and EU-US ICT R&I collaborative projects
Transatlantic ICT Forum
Mechanism to promote policy debate and provide consultations for ICT cooperation
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