What is capacity building workshops

Capacity Building Workshops in the US, Canada and EU are promoting ICT priorities and collaboration opportunities under H2020 and US and Canada Programmes. The Workshops are designed as an interactive event to attract world-class researchers and industry interested in ICT R&I collaborative projects.

They involve a limited number of 50-70 participants across the Atlantic to ensure high level of interaction.

Why is it special?

The Workshops showcase successful examples of collaboration between North American and EU researchers in ICT (e.g. partners experience in eHealth, Big Data, Inclusion, Future Internet, e-Infrastructures, Trust and security). The Workshops combine expert briefings through Panel Discussions with project ideas generation supported by the Elevator Pitch techniques, and “Doorknock” Outreach to US and Canada ICT-related funding programmes.

Our Impact

Identifies the most successful areas for ICT cooperation between EU-US and EU-Canada. This will serve as input and follow up for the definition of multiannual roadmaps for future cooperation. Support “live” collaborations with ICT researchers and business to discuss collaborative projects.

Our Events