to Support EU-North America ICT R&I Collaboration

Transatlantic ICT Forum

The Transatlantic ICT Forum is a well-regarded platform to benefit policy debate and provide expert opinions and recommendations related to transatlantic dialogues for ICT R&I cooperation between Europe and North America. Through workshops and engagement activities with the Working Groups core members, the Forum has expanded its expertise base and brought to fruition the objectives of facilitating and stimulating ICT R&I collaboration between EU and North America. Feedback and opinions from members of the Forum are incorporated into the Input Papers on important issues arising from and relevant to ICT policy and regulations, funding mechanims and cybersecurity.

  • A well regarded Platform to promote dialogues and transatlantic collaboration in the field of ICT R&I. TIF provides a unique platform for dialogues among policy makers, thought leaders and funding agencies from Europe, US and Canada.
  • High-level senior expertise on key thematic areas in ICT. TIF is supported by Working Groups on Funding Mechanisms, ICT Policy and Regulations and Cybersecurity that develop recommendations on transatlantic ICT collaboration in their field of their expertise.
  • Information on funding opportunities for transatlantic cooperation in ICT. TIF provides a directory to funding agencies from Europe, US and Canada. With the support from the Working Group, the Input Paper on Funding Mechanisms provides current collaborative funding models as well as insights, comparative analysis and recommendations to facilitate transatlantic ICT R&I cooperation.
  • Hot topics, project ideas and technical recommendations for cybersecurity collaborations across the Atlantic. TIF provides the Input Paper on Cybersecurity which identifies prioritised cybersecurity focus areas, recommendations and user scenarios to guide transatlantic cooperation in the domain of cybersecurity.
  • Comparative analysis of EU, US and Canada ICT policies, with focus on Intellectual Property, data protection, regulatory environment and government support for digital innovation. The Input Paper on ICT Policy and Regulations also provides recommendations on these key areas for transatlantic business and ICT R&I cooperation.
  • Follow-up to transatlantic policy dialogues in science and technology. TIF provides timely updates on bilateral EU-US and EU-Canada S&T agreements and other policy dialogues related to ICT through DISCOVERY news and social media channels.
  • TIF offers networking opportunities through workshops, working groups meetings and online DISCOVERY community to engage with policy makers, funding agency representatives, ICT industry, researchers and academia from both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Endorsement from transatlantic think tanks that provide expert insights to the policy recommendations, funding programmes analysis, adding value to the policy inputs.
Working Groups

Funding mechanisms

Identifies the main programs and financing mechanism existing in the US and Canada, as well as in EU (apart from Horizon 2020) to support international cooperation in ICT research and innovation.

The Input Paper on Funding Mechanisms provides an overview of current international collaborative research and innovation (R&I) funding mechanisms and it also includes a comparative analysis of various EU, US and Canadian funding mechanisms related to ICT.


ICT policy and regulations

specifically identifies both areas of common interest intersection as well as points of concern as pertain to tri-party EU, Canada and US policies such as for regulatory frameworks, IPR, market regulations, data protection, secrecy requirements and standards. The Input Paper formulated recommendations to the Transatlantic ICT Forum and thereby to the political dialogue on regulations.



functions as the main instrument for DISCOVERY to ensure high quality debate and engagement in relation to international collaboration in this vitally important topic. The cybersecurity WG delivered an input paper detailing the mutually beneficial priority topics for cooperation between the EU, US and Canada in the areas related to cybersecurity.